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Set goals and create action plans that align with YOU!

Is there something you want to achieve in life but you’re afraid you just wouldn’t be able to do it? Have to tried setting goals for yourself in the past but found yourself unable to follow through? Are you worried you might not be good enough, smart enough, likable enough, strong enough, or (insert quality here) enough to achieve your dreams?

Do you want to achieve your goals but lack the confidence or self-belief to try?

Goal Setting Confidence is a different kind of goal setting course designed to help you overcome your anxieties and show you that yes, you CAN achieve your goals, if you learn how to dig deeper into your unique self and create an action plan that works with you, not against you.

Much of the goal setting and personal development training available today is focused on performance –  being bigger, better, faster, stronger, making more money and achieving more success in less and less time. Proven strategies for big success that have worked for others in the past and turned them into productivity powerhouses.

But this course isn’t about pushing you into becoming an achievement machine. It isn’t about becoming the next Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos or pushing you to the extremes of achievement that society demands. The pressures of expectation and judgement from others can be overwhelming.

This course is about learning how to identify goals, big or small, that contribute to your happiness and fulfilment in life, whatever that may look like for you. It focuses on tackling your anxieties and negative thoughts, building confidence, commitment, motivation, and finding strategies to overcome the challenges that may have held you back in the past.

Goal Setting Confidence will show you how to set goals and create action plans that align with who you are as a person – aligned with your values, drawing on your character strengths, skills, and experiences, and navigating limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns that may get in the way.

What you will learn

  • The four-step process professional coaches use to help their clients confidently achieve their goals
  • How to set positive, psychologically motivating goals that enhance your levels of confidence and commitment.
  • How to adapt your goals to leverage your personal set of skills, experiences, values, and character strengths
  • How to identify the mindset barriers and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
  • How to create an action plan that works with your unique strengths and weaknesses that you can feel confident about achieving

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone with a goal they want to achieve but lack the confidence in their ability to do it
  • Anyone that had tried and failed in the past to achieve their goals
  • Anyone that suspects their mindset or negative thought patterns may be preventing them from taking action
  • Anyone that has tried conventional goal setting and action planning before but found it doesn’t quite suit their unique approach or needs
  • Anyone looking for a way to set and achieve goals that allows freedom to create and make progress at your own pace

What to expect from the Goal Setting Confidence course

Comprised of 40 lessons organized over five modules, the Goal Setting Confidence Course develops your understanding of the GROW model of goal setting and achievement. GROW is a proven model for goal setting and achievement used by qualified coaches. This course will walk you through the four major steps of GROW and the different aspects covered in each step.

Module 1 – Introduction

In this module you will gain an overview of the GROW model, how and why it works, as well as some of the common mistakes that individuals make when setting their goals.

Module 2 – Setting Effective Goals

In this module you will learn how to set goals that are positively motivating. You’ll learn why some goals just don’t seem to inspire or motivate you, and how to align these with those things that bring you happiness and fulfilment to counteract this. You’ll learn the importance of positive language, and why your brain doesn’t like to lose.

By the end of module 2 you will know how to set an effective goal you are highly motivated and committed to achieving.

Module 3 – Exploring your Reality

In this module you will learn how to leverage your uniqueness to help you achieve your goals. You will explore your ‘resources’ – those skills, experiences, people, information, and strengths that you can bring to the table to achieve your goals. You will also learn how to identify your limitations – your negative stories, mindset patterns, and limiting beliefs that will need to be dealt with as part of your action plan for success.

Module 4 – Creating Options

In this module you will learn how to figure out what actions you need to take to achieve your goals! This is a creative module, focused on teaching you strategies to uncover options you may not have realized are available to you. This module also builds on module 3, incorporating your unique strengths and weaknesses into your planning. You will also learn several strategies for evaluating options to help you determine which ones will work best for you

Module 5 – The Way Forward

In this final module you will learn how to draw from your ‘options’ and ‘reality’ to create an actionable plan that will help you move towards your goal. You’ll learn how to assess your plan for weaknesses in motivation, commitment, and hidden anxieties so that you can adapt and create a plan that you feel confident in achieving.

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