What motivates you?

Tony Robbins is extraordinarily skilled with words. He has an extraordinary ability to pierce right to the heart of your pain, frustrations, and desires to get to the real core of who you are and what you NEED to move forward. Tony Robbins understands people and what they want. This, he says, tells him EXACTLY… Continue reading What motivates you?

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8 ideas to beat procrastination and Get Stuff Done

Need some help tackling procrastination? Try these 8 ideas to kick the habit and get stuff done 1.      If it takes 2 minutes or less, DO IT NOW! Simple things that can be done quickly don’t need to be put off. Make it a new rule that if it will take 2 minutes or less… Continue reading 8 ideas to beat procrastination and Get Stuff Done

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How rewards sabotage your goals

A popular piece of advice given to people trying to achieve a goal is to celebrate their achievements by giving themselves a reward. Promising yourself a small treat or reward for reaching certain milestones or completing certain tasks is said to boost your motivation, give you something to look forward to, and reinforce how good… Continue reading How rewards sabotage your goals

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3 steps to break out of the afternoon slump

If you're anything like me, the 2-3 hour stretch right after lunch can seem like an uphill struggle. Unless you're lucky enough to live in a country that enjoys a post-lunch siesta, finding the will and motivation to plow on through the afternoon can be a daily challenge. Post-lunch sleepiness has typically been attributed to… Continue reading 3 steps to break out of the afternoon slump