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The biggest disease facing the minds of humanity

An insidious disease of epidemic proportions is spreading across the nation, wreaking havoc in the minds of hundreds of thousands of people. Affecting even the greatest and most successful of minds, we each do battle with this disease daily – and it is winning.

Yet despite it’s all encompassing grip, it is surprisingly easy to ‘diagnose’ and even easier to overcome. World renowned hypnotherapist Marisa Peer, who’s client list includes royalty, A-list Hollywood celebs, CEOs of multibillion dollar companies, Olympic athletes and more has discovered that so much of our pain and suffering comes down to a single thing – we do not believe that we are enough.

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In this video Marisa explains how ‘I’m not enough syndrome’ is responsible for many of our self-defeating thoughts and behaviors, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, fears, anxieties, and other barriers we place in between ourselves and our dreams. This talk was voted one of the best at A-Fest, an annual event hosted by Mindvalley.

After this video you’ll need lipstick, a pen, or anything else you can find to write with as Marisa shares three simple words that have the power change your life. You’ll want to write them on your mirror.

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Marisa Peer is the author of Ultimate Confidence: The secrets to feeling great about yourself everyday, along with several other mindset books based on her work as a hypnotherapist and psychologist.

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