4 steps to taking action on your goals

It’s no secret that the ability to set goals and take action are crucial skills in any arena. Without specific goals to aim for, we would have no idea what we were supposed to be working towards and we’d get nowhere fast. They say that you can’t hit a target you can’t see, so choosing and defining a goal is like taking off the blindfold to be able to aim your arrow straight at the target.

The problem is, setting the goal is the easy bit. It’s deciding what to actually do, and then finding the time to do it that is the problem. Often, we set a goal such as ‘speak to 5 new prospects this week’. Seems like a great goal, right? But HOW are we going to achieve that? What specific actions are we going to take that will result in having spoken to 5 new prospects?

Life coaches are experts at this, and have a super simple 4 step process to not only helping their clients define their goals, but figure out and plan the actions needed to move towards them. This process known as the GROW model – Goal, Reality, Options, and Will.

I plan to write more blog posts on each step in more detail, but for now, here is an outline of the basic 4 steps to get you started.

1)       G is for Goal

Before you can start taking action towards achieving your goal, you have to have set a goal to work towards! Setting effective goals is the subject of another blog post, so for now, we’ll assume you’ve done this and have an awesome, specific goal set.

2)      R is for Reality

Where are you now in relation to your goal? What have you already done towards this goal? What resources do you have available to you? In this step you are going to assess the reality of your current situation and establish your starting point. You’re also going to think about any barriers to taking action toward your goal that might pop up – perhaps you have kids that demand a lot of your attention, or perhaps you’ve set a goal that scares you and you need to do some work around building your confidence before you take action. Take some time to really think about the whole picture.


3)      O is for Options

This is the fun bit. In this step, you are going to write down every single option you can think of to help you move from where you are towards your goal. Everything you can think of, no matter how weird and wonderful it may sound. The more creative you are, the better, as you might stimulate new ideas you hadn’t considered before. The object of this step is to generate as many action ideas as you can. Make sure to include ideas that can help you overcome some of the barriers you identified in the last step.

4)      W is for what Will you do?

This is the final step. Decide which of your options you will do, and schedule a time to do them. Get your calendar out and actually schedule a time to do it. Then decide on a way to hold yourself accountable, and a way to reward yourself when you achieve it. For example, you could decide to tell your upline of your planned action and ask them to call you after your scheduled time to check in that you’ve followed through. Then reward yourself! Have some ice cream, or take a bubble bath, or just take 10 minutes to drink some tea and feel good about yourself.

These 4 simple steps will help you start to figure out exactly what actions to take to move towards your goal, and if you follow the last step properly and hold yourself accountable to a specific time and date, you’ll start to build momentum and your business will thank you.

What do you think? Comment below – would love your feedback!


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